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7 Ways to Increase Revenue for Your Landscaping Business

Are you looking for a way to increase your profits? Expanding your landscaping business won’t happen on its own, you’ll definitely need to put in some effort to make positive changes to your marketing and service offerings. Here are seven ways you can get started increasing your landscaping revenue.

1. Diversify Your Client Base

If you currently only service residential or commercial clients, begin opening yourself up to the opposite. For a landscaper working only for residential clients, this may feel daunting.

Concrete curbing with landscaping services
There are some steps you’ll need to take to make this transition:

  • Contracts: All commercial clients will be under contract, whereas a residential client might be a verbal agreement.
  • Changes in Insurance Requirements: You will need to increase your insurance coverage to around one or two million. This should encompass General Liability Insurance and small business insurance.
  • Upgraded Equipment: Pay attention to the type of equipment needs to complete the job well. If new clients have large spaces to mow you should invest in z-turn or wide area mowers. These will cost between $3,000 and $10,000. The model you choose will depend on budget and preference.

Moving into the realm of commercial clients will require a change in equipment and potentially additional employees. However, the clients you’ll be working for will be much larger and contracts will potentially span for a longer duration.

2. Offer Curbing as an Add-on Service

If you’re looking for an additional service offering you can add to the menu, consider landscaping curbing. Curbing can net you $6 to $14 per foot of laid concrete.

Curbing examples
Concrete curbing is an easy service to offer as an add-on to existing clients. Plus, it will add to the aesthetic of your other services. When you control the final look of more of your client’s space you can improve their overall satisfaction.

You can start offering clients more while netting higher-paying jobs with concrete curbing. It’s not too difficult to get started but if you’re not sure how to begin, look into training seminars on concrete curbing in your area.

Learn Curbing Techniques

3. Offer Landscaping Seminars

Seminars are a way to bring in landscaping enthusiasts and beginners who may be interested in your services. You can produce seminars on more basic topics instead of attracting professionals with advanced concepts.

Landscaping seminar setup
This could mean putting on a seminar or hosting a booth at a larger conference. Or it could mean independently hosting an event. Lawn & Landscape can give you an idea of major events in your area where you could get started by piggy-backing off of an established event.

People who are interested in your seminars likely care about the appearance of their yard. But they may not have the time. That’s where you come in.

You can tie up the end to your landscaping seminars with a simple, quick pitch of your services. Don’t get too salesy though, your attendees won’t like that.

For examples on how to put on landscaping seminars, check out TurfTeacher.

4. Focus on Client Retention

Getting a new client can cost five times as much as retaining an existing one. The obvious option here is to save money and focus on client retention. To help you out, we’ve collected a handful of ideas to help you boost your chances of turning first-time customers into loyal clients.

  • Stellar and quick customer service
  • Reward your most-valued customers with discounts or offers
  • Ask for feedback and put it into practice
  • Keep your customers educated by adding value like guides or workshops
  • Thank your customers and apologize when necessary

Clients just want to feel appreciated and your actions as a company will quickly tell them whether or not you value their business. Personalize your outreach, onboarding, and continued communication with clients to turn them into lifetime promoters of your landscaping business.

5. Expand Your Service Area

If it’s economical, consider expanding your services to the surrounding areas where you currently serve. Covering more ground means you’ll be opening up the opportunity for new clients. This requires market research on your part.

Overview of neighborhoods
Market research is an effort to collect more information on your target audience. For landscapers, this could include conducting surveys via email or phone. It could also mean testing out various pricing structures or using social media to gather quick opinions.

Plus, if there aren’t already well-established competitors you can be one of the first to enter the market in that area as a landscaper. This equates to more clients (and revenue) for your landscaping business.

6. Develop Off-Season Services

Depending on where your business is located, some months are not landscaping friendly. When snow sets in during the colder months and landscaping becomes the last thing on your client’s minds, you’ll need a backup or risk closing for a few months of every year.

Ryan Wolfrath training at a seminar
You can introduce seasonal services to compensate for lost revenue from traditional landscaping jobs. Some potential off-season services to offer include:

Snow Removal – When it’s too snowy to focus on landscaping services do you just shut down? That’s months of lost revenue. Chances are you can upsell your preexisting clients to include snow removal in their yearly landscaping services.

Outdoor Holiday Decorating – Holiday decorating can be a hassle, but for some, it may be near impossible. Climbing on a roof or wandering around their yard stringing lights can be taxing for older couples or those with disabilities. With outdoor Christmas decorating you can offer service packages that include consultation, decoration, maintenance, and takedown. This will take the hassle out of your client’s holidays while keeping your landscaping business open year-round.

7. Bundle Services

Everybody loves a good deal. If a client can get extra services for a discount they’re more likely to sign on with your services, to begin with.

Tmglawnsomaha example bundling options
Bundling makes your job as the seller easier. It can reduce your marketing costs and simplify your selling. Plus, when you offer a bundled service your clients are not able to scrutinize their bill line-by-line. This will lead to overall customer happiness at an improved profit for your landscaping business.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue as a landscaping business owner, learn how you can get started with the simple addition of a new service. Find out more.

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