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Bring everything you need for the job in one trip.

Curbing Trailers

Choose Your Size

The curbing trailer has all the space you need to run your curbing business. Need a custom size? No worries. Contact us to discuss.

18 ft. Curbing Trailer

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23 ft. Curbing Trailer

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Lower deck height. Pull-out ramp.

Easier Loading & Unloading

Get your heavy equipment loaded and unloaded with less strain and work with our low deck height and pull-out ramp. Easily push and pull your machines onto or off of your trailer, conserving time and energy for more jobs and protecting your team and equipment from a potential fall.

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Keep your valuables safe.

Weatherproof Door Seals

Our trailer protects your valuable equipment with weatherproof door seals and tight locks. Keep your machines and equipment running smoothly for easier jobs and less money spent on parts and maintenance, no matter what mother nature throws at you.

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Have your mixer when you need it.

Mounting For Your Mixer

Easily bring your mixer to every job with our trailer’s mounting system. We can mount your mixer to your trailer for you, so you’ll always be prepared and not have to worry about forgetting it for a job. You’ll always have your mixer when you have your trailer.

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Proudly manufactured domestically.

Manufactured In The Usa

We believe in supporting American manufacturing, so our trailers are built here in the United States. They also include a 5-year warranty, so you can be sure of the American craftsmanship put into your trailer. All work is done by top-certified welders and builders.

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Pick Your Color For Free

Match your trailer’s color with your branding for absolutely free. The black side is smooth and ready for the application of your logo for easy advertising as you drive to and from the jobs.

Orange Truck
Purple Truck
Blue Truck

Rust protection Icon

Rust protection

Smooth sides Icon

Smooth sides for easy logo placement

4 cubic yards Icon

4 cubic yards sand capacity

Light Bulb Icon

Legally required lights

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