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Tru Tex Vertical Stamp – Old Castle Block


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Old Castle Block – 5 piece set.
Old World Granite Blocks in an attractive, detailed, easy to use pattern. V-Stamps from Walttools are simply the best vertical stamp choice out there. The true detail in each pattern will leave simply the best impression compared to any other vertical stamp. Patterns can be used alone for quicker jobs where basic textures suffice or use them in conjunction with some added tools from the Tru Text line to make each and every job unique. Saves time and take the faux out of your faux finishing.


  • Highly detailed, compact designs.
  • Stamps can be used in varying orientations to further differentiate the surface.
  • Up to 3/4 inch in relief.
  • Smaller key way piece for tighter areas.
  • Set includes 3 rigid mats, one single row mat, one key way block.
  • Rigid size 14″ x 24″
  • Shipping 25lbs per set.
  • Trowel not included.