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Tru-Tex Basic Vertical Kit TT-BCK


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The Exclusive Tru Impressions Basic Contractor’s kit from Walttools is your door to concrete artistry success.
Containing the most commonly used texture tools, you will be able to dig into your projects right away.


  • The Original Wedge
  • 4 Tru-Tex roller sleeves. Light and medium stone, slate, and short bark.
  • 4 Tru-Tex skins. Light and medium stone, striped slate and chisel slate.
  • 4 Tru-Tex trowels. Light, medium and rough stone, and split stone.
  • 1 Weatherwood skin.
  • 1 set of 12 “3 way” jointers.
  • 10″ flexible carbon steel pool trowel.
  • 1/4″ ultra-flex clean out trowel.
  • Durable carry-all rolling bag.