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Mortar Sprayer 3 Hole – Low Wall (“Ankle Biter”)


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The 3 Hole Ankle Biter is the latest srayer and will be a favorite for those that work LOW. This sprayer is designed to be held low for applications of spraying material on such substrates as foundations and seat walls. It really is a back saver!

The stainless steel hopper is extremely durable and easy to clean. The extension handle and hopper handle are designed to give you good control, balance and comfort while you are applying material.


  • You have the choice to use 1, 2 or 3 jets.
  • Can workwith smaller compressors and makes detail work easier.
  • Comes with two sizes of jets and the accessories to adjust it to various application needs.
  • Handle can be use short for confined spaces and long for best comfort.
  • Recommend a 7 cfm @ 90 psi compressor but many of our users have been happy with their smaller 110 volt compressors by adjusting the jet configuration to match their compressor.
  • Larger air storage tanks (20+ gallons) are also a helpful thing.
  • One Year warranty
  • 10lbs