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Heirloom Slate Bench Precast Mold Set – 6 ft


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Heirloom Slate Monolithic style Bench – Mold set

A precast mold set that will create a 6 foot, rock solid, slate-look bench. Each leg is composed of two very solid pieces and together they provide an extremely stable base for the solid 2 1/4 inch seat and matching backrest. This bench will go together with no needed hardware. The backrest, seat and legs are all keywayed together to provide amazing stability.

The hand chiseled slate edges are completely unique to the Walttools design team and transition perfectly to the more gentle slate surfaces of the seat and back. This set includes a matching concrete skin and is designed to allow the installer to provide texture on all visible sides including the back and legs, just following the simple included instructions.

Installers can use almost any concrete, though Walttools recommends either Tru Kast high strength flowable mix or Tru Pac C(for creating a high performance casting mix from locally available bag mixes) for best results. Coloration can be completed by use of Walttools Tru Hue Integral color placed into the concrete when the concrete is mixed and poured or it may be stained after demolded and cured.

This polyurethane mold set can be used over and over without worry of fatigue and failure.

Three piece mold set weighs 160 lbs and requires a large flat(sturdy) surface for proper pouring.

Reinforcement of concrete to industry standards recommended.