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4 ft Compound Bow Cutter


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It’s big! It’s bad! Our 2′ x 4′ Compound Bow Cutter (actually a little wider than 2′ and 4′) will knock your block off! Our big versatile bow cutter will get those unwieldy 4′ by 8′ blocks or sheets of foam knocked down to manageable sizes. Built for pros, it’s quick enough, agile and built to last. Now comes with new even more powerful multi-heat selection power supply. Made in USA but will work in any country without a voltage converter.


  • 2×4 Compound Bow
  • Multi-Heat Power Supply (110-230 volt input, works in all countries)
  • Four 4-foot and four 2-foot cutting wires
  • 10 feet in extension wires (from power to bow)
  • Hangers which can also be used to mount the bow to a wall or workbench
  • Printed Instructions



  • Choose 4-foot cutting mode to knock down those big pieces of foam
  • Choose 2-foot cutting mode for creative sculpting
  • 10 feet of power cord
  • Starts cutting immediately
  • Cuts continuously without overheating
  • Power switch conveniently on the bow and on the power supply
  • Large diameter sturdy yet lightweight body
  • Comfortable rubber coating
  • Made with care in the USA


Used For:

  • Cutting Styrofoam, white beaded EPS, EIFS and extruded XPS foam
  • Cutting, slicing, and notching large sheets and blocks of foam
  • Cutting down insulation foam at building construction sites
  • Large theatrical and studio props and backdrops
  • Model airplane wings
  • Surfboards
  • Garden décor, like fake boulders and waterfalls


Tech Specs:

  • The cutting wires will last indefinitely if you follow the instructions
  • Easy user replaceable cutting wires
  • Over 4 feet of clearance between arms, 2 feet in 2-foot mode
  • 19 inches clearance from cutting wire to the bow handle
  • Longer arms for deeper cuts are available
  • Made of thick industrial strength aluminum and ABS to last a lifetime